If you have an outstanding order with Middletons you should try to get your money back quickly.

Teneo have stated that all customers with outstanding unfulfilled orders will be contacted in the next 7-10 days. Customer queries should be directed to customers@middletons.co.uk quoting an order number or postcode.


It comes as no surprise to us that Middletons Mobility have gone bust.

We’ve seen plenty of companies enter the Mobility Market with big ideas.

They borrow lots of money from investers who should know better.

They spend a fortune in developing their brand and opening fancy stores.

The money runs out and customers get left high and dry.

We may not have fancy stores or spend fortunes on advertising to “add value”

We get the basics right – great staff, good advice, fair prices.

That’s what makes a good business

Dave Foote

Essington Mobility Ltd

  • Middletons, the mobility retailer with around 17 stores and an online presence, went into administration in January 2023 and has ceased trading. It was badly hit by the pandemic and subsequent supply-chain problems. Sales have dropped as a result of high inflation and cost-of-living concerns. Established in 2013, the Company was expanding very rapidly pre-pandemic and was backed by the Development Bank of Wales and Bristol’s Wealth Club. Middletons sold mobility scooters, recliner chairs, adjustable beds and other mobility products. Stores are mostly located in the Midlands, SW and Wales.