Rise & Recline Chairs FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Rise and Recline Chairs, including repair, servicing and maintenance.

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A rise and recline chair is an upholstered chair. In addition to providing a comfortable sitting position, rise & recline chairs offer additional mobility and healthcare benefits. If you struggle to get to a standing position, these chairs can help you stand in a controlled and safe way. When using the reclining feature your legs can be elevated which can help with circulation, pressure relief, and the back reclined to improve comfort and aid back pain.

Rise & Recline chairs are plugged into the mains for power. A transformer, supplied with the Recliner Chair reduces the mains power to 24 volts and a motor or motors adjust a built-in mechanism to adjust the position of the chair from Stand, to Sit, to Recline

With many years of experience supplying healthcare seating, we select our suppliers carefully. We use UK-based companies to supply chairs that can be purchased from stock or made to order. Current suppliers include Repose, Cosy Chair, One Rehab, and Pride Mobility.

We try to cater for all budgets with the rise and recline chairs we supply. The cost of a riser Recliner Chair will vary depending on your needs. Our rise and recline chairs typically cost from £795 for off-the-shelf and £1200 made-to-order. As we get older and get less mobile, we can spend more time sitting.  A good chair is a good investment.

All our recliner chairs come with a manufacturer's warranty against faulty manufacture and materials. A minimum of 12 months warranty applies and may be up to 5 years.

Some of our Rise and Recline Chairs can be ordered from stock for rapid delivery. For made-to-measure seats the lead time is often 3 to 4 weeks.

Our showrooms carry a range of healthcare seating and Rise & Recline Chairs in stock. When selecting a chair the user needs to try a selection of chairs to make comparisons. By visiting our shops our experienced, friendly staff can offer advice to help choose the right chair.

All pieces of Mobility Equipment, including Rise & recline Chairs have a specific maximum user limit. Typically Rise and Recline Chairs will have at least an 18 stone user limits. However, 25 stone is common.

We don’t sell used Recliner Chairs. Since Covid, there’s a general awareness of the potential cross-contamination issues with soft furnishings.

We don’t do rental of any soft furnishing products. Since Covid, there’s a general awareness of the potential cross-contamination issues with soft furnishings.

Like most things, regular servicing gives you the best chance of trouble-free use. The frequency of servicing will depend on use, though annual servicing for a recliner chair is a good idea.

We give priority to our own customers for servicing and repairs as we have spare parts availability and support for the recliner chair brands we sell. However, we also have many contacts in the Mobility Industry locally and if we can’t help, we probably know someone who can.

Most Riser Recliner Chairs have castors fitted, which means they can be moved around quite easily in the seated position. When the chair lifts to a standing position the castors are lifted off the floor for safety.

High-dependency seating is a form of Specialist seating for people with more complex needs. If a patient must be hoisted a High Dependency Chair may be suitable. These chairs often have castors so that patients can be moved while seated and have a tilt mechanism that can be operated by a carer. This can help with comfort, pressure relief and maintaining a good midline position, for people with limited trunk control. Built-in specialist pressure relief is often provided and special medical-grade fabrics are used. Call us for help and advice.

A high seat chair is typically an upholstered chair with an upright back and armrests. The advantage of having a high seat and armrest is that it makes standing from a seated position easier.

All recliner chair suppliers offer a range of popular standard colours and fabric patterns. If you go for a made-to-measure Rise and Recline Chair there are fabric sample books available with a wide variety of options to choose from.