Searching for Stairlifts in Walsall or Wolverhampton?

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You might think that when you search for Stairlift Wolverhampton on Google you would be most likely to find a Wolverhampton based stair lift supplier.

It´s not always the case unfortunately.

When we searched today we came across ideal stairlifts and age uk stairlifts close to the top of the search result.

Also we found compare stair lifts and More than mobility trying to give the same impression. Even Castle Comfort Stairlifts are trying to give the impression they are based in Wolverhampton – not to mention Walsall.

We really are based in Walsall and Wolverhampton and give excellent local service at prices that none of the above will touch

Brand new stairlifts regularly fitted for £1250

Call us 7 days a week to discuss.