We now stock wide fitting shoes!

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At our new showroom at Hollybush Garden Centre we now stock wide fitting shoes

DB easy b shoes are the perfect fit for wider feet.

Hollybush is located between Wolverhampton, Cannock and Walsall. Easy access from M6 a couple of hundred yards from Junction 11

Are you looking for wide-width women´s shoes or men´s wide-width shoes? Then you´ve come to the right place.

Everyone´s feet are different in shape, size and width yet most shoes are only available in one fitting. It is extremely difficult for people who require wide shoes or extra wide fitting shoes to get the style and comfort that they are looking for in a shoe that is wide enough for their needs.

DB Shoes is a UK footwear manufacturer specialising in extra wide (EE fitting), extra wide, extra deep (4E fitting), extremely wide (6E fitting) and extremely wide and deep (8E fitting) footwear ensuring that you get the correct fitting footwear for your feet.
No one else offers such an extensive choice of styling and colours in wide shoes or extreme width-fitting shoes. That´s why our collection of DB easy b shoes is the perfect fit for wider feet.